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Discover how our rigorous approach to process-oriented operations drives exceptional results for our clients.
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Theory+Practice stands out in a crowded industry of so-called experts because of our commitment to process and people. It’s our disciplined approach to each project that produces predictable and sustainable results. At the same time we’ve invested in exceptional talent and complete project teams
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Why should you consider Theory+Practice?

Theory+Practice was founded with a strong commitment to the integration of strategy and execution. Unlike other firms, our projects aren’t driven by specifications and statements of work. We start with your business objectives, seeking to understand the underlying need and bottom-line results that drive organizational success. It’s with this lense that we interpret those goals into project details.
In the end it’s simple. T+P doesn’t just deliver projects, we deliver business objectives.VIEW CASE STUDIESVIEW OUR WORK

Theory+Practice is different by design.

We’ve engineered our company to leverage the advantages of both freelancers and large agencies.


  • Freelancers are usually quite flexible and less tied down by procedures. We are always flexible in adapting to our client’s needs.
  • Quick turn around times are often a requirement for our clients. Like freelancers we can work evenings and weekends when needed.
  • Freelancers are usually cost efficient. We are also cost efficient AND effective without any compromise on quality and professionalism.
  • We’re a highly productive team helped by our harmonious distributed working environment that maximizes each team member’s working style.
  • Like a freelancer members of our team can also serve as an extention of your existing team instead of working on a specific project.


  • We are a very dedicated team with the scale and ability to deliver on any project requirements however large and complex.
  • Reliability is essential, gained through experience and qualified by results. We have a trackrecord of delivering with reliability.
  • Depth and diversity of knowledge is so important! Our team is always researching learning and creating the best practices we apply.
  • Depth and diversity of knowledge is so important! Our team is always researching learning and creating the best practices we apply.
  • Providing consistent and efficient support is of paramount importance, before, during and after a projects completion.

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